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Laborers for JUSTICE

February 4, 1999

By Fax
LIUNA Independent Hearing Officer (215-751-9420)
Attn: Peter Vaira, Esq.
LIUNA General Executive Board Attorney ( 202-625-1230)
Attn: Robert Luskin, Esq
U.S. Attorney Northern Illinois (312-886-0657)
Attn: David Buvinger, AUSA
LIUNA General Secretary-Treasurer (202-737-2754
Attn: Carl Booker
LIUNA Public Relations Department (202-638-4398)
Attn: David Roscow

RE: Dissemination of Coia Decision to LIUNA membership


 As a member of Laborers local 5 readmitted today into good standing. and as
the spokesperson for Laborers for JUSTICE, ( members of LIUNA who support the internal reform
process and who firmly believe in a union member's  right of self governance as protected by the
LMRDA), I formally request under the Americans With Disabilities Act  both paper and electronic
copies of the forthcoming IHO decision on the Arthur A. Coia disciplinary matter. I and other members
need an electronic copy so we can magnify the small print in our computer monitors.

 In the event a reading room is provided to LIUNA members, interested parties,
and the media to inspect the decision and all material related thereto (transcripts, evidence, etc), we
formally request that copies of all material be furnished at LIUNA expense to each local and to each
member requesting . In the event LIUNA refuses to incur this necessary expense, Laborers for JUSTICE
is willing to provide each member with a CD ROM of all transcripts, assuming the parties involved will
provide Laborers for JUSTICE with electronic copies of all documents.

Because we will have to travel great distance at our expense to LIUNA's
headquarters to exercise our right to obtain copies of matters in LIUNA's docket, we would appreciate
some advance notice as to when the decision will be formally announced . We do not believe that this
request for electronic copies constitutes an undue burden on LIUNA . If anything it will facilitate
distribution and dissemination of information relevant in the context of the 2001 election which electoral
contest effectively commences the day the decision is announced.

To deny Laborers for JUSTICE the right to obtain paper and/or electronic
copies of all material involved in the Coia disciplinary matter would effectively convey the message that
the reform is a "sham, a farce, and a fraud", the exact terms I used to describe the contest between Arthur
A. Coia and Bruno Caruso in the 1996 rank and file election for LIUNA General President

Please advise if you would like me to publish the Independent Hearing Officer's decision on the internet
at www.laborers.org, http://members.tripod.com/jimmcgough/default.htm www.liuna.org or any of the
other sites I am creating free of charge for LIUNA members so they can effectively exercise their right
of self governance, a right at the core of the Labor Management  Relations and Disclosure Act of 1959

Trusting this matter will receive your prompt attention, replies can be sent via e-mail to
jimmcgough@super-highway.net. The use of e-mail is strongly suggested because all parties are under
an ethical obligation to minimize costs  and the use of fax when e-mail is available constitutes a
completely unnecessary waste of union assets and  the hard earned money of rank and file members who
pay your salaries.


s/James McGough

Laborers for JUSTICE
James W. McGough



Laborers for JUSTICE
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