The following Ethical Practices shall apply to the International Union, all District Councils, every Local Union, all subordinate bodies, and to every employee, member and officer thereof, and to every union trustee and employee of any benefit fund or political action committee.

Democratic Practices

LIUNA's traditions, its Constitution, and federal law all protect the democratic rights of LIUNA's members to participate fully, without fear, abuse, or intimidation in all Union affairs. To that end, the following principles shall be respected.

Financial Practices

Union funds are held in trust for the benefit of the membership. The membership is entitled to assurance that Union funds are not dissipated and are spent for proper purposes. The membership is also entitled to be reasonably informed as to how Union funds are invested or used.

Health, Welfare and Retirement Funds

Business and Financial Activities of Union Officials

Any person who represents LIUNA and its members, whether elected or appointed, has a sacred trust to serve the best interests of the members and their families. Therefore, every officer and representative must avoid any outside transaction which creates an actual or potential conflict of interest. The special fiduciary nature of Union office requires the highest loyalty to the duties of the office.

Barred Conduct

No Union officer, representative or employee, and no union trustee of any benefit fund, shall engage in "barred conduct."

"Barred conduct" is defined to include:

a) an individual knew that the person with whom he or she was associating was a member or associate of the LCN;
b) the association related directly or indirectly to the affairs of the Union; and
c) the association was more than fleeting or casual.

The definition of "knowingly associate" in this Code also provides for, and incorporates by reference, certain additional exceptions as they appear and are defined in the Consent Decree entered in the case of United States v. District Council of New York and Vicinity of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, 90 Civ. 5722 [set forth in Appendix B to the LIUNA Ethics and Disciplinary Procedure].

Laborers for JUSTICE 1997 Scanned and web published as a service to LIUNA members by Laborers for JUSTICE