February 5, 1999


Mr. Jim McGough

2901 Elisha

Zion, Illinois 60099


ARTHUR A. COIA                              Re: Independent Hearing Officer Decisions

General President

R. P. VINALL                                      Dear Sir and Brother:

General Secretary-Treasurer

                                                                          It is my understanding that you have telephoned General Secretary-Treasurer Booker's

Vice Presidents:                                     office to inquire as to the availability of the decisions that have been issued by

MASON M. WARREN                        Independent Hearing Officer Peter F. Vaira.

VERE 0. HAYNES                               Briefly, these decisions cumlatively total thousands of pages and are maintained on file

ENRICO MANCINELLI                      and are available for review at the office of the General Secretary-Treasurer. Copies of

CHUCK BARNES                               particular decisions can be requested and will be provided subject to the normal copying

JACK WILKINSON                       fee of $.07 per page. Alternatively, I am advised that Mr. Vaira has collected, indexed,

                                                        and will issue shortly in book form copies of his decisions. It has been the practice of

GEORGE R. GUDGER                         the International Union with respect to the similarly collected decisions of the Appellate

MIKE QUEVEDO, JR.                         Officer to provide a set of the books to any local affiliate requesting the same for use by

ARMAND E. SABITONI                     its officers and members, or to provide the books to the affiliate when requested by a

                                                member thereof.


Assistant to the

General President                                   Accordingly, if you wish to review the docket maintained by the General Secretary­

PETER J. FOSCO                                Treasurer at Headquarters, you may do so by making an appointment for that purpose. If

TERRENCE M. HEALY                      you are interested in obtaining copies of any particular decisions, please identify the

                                                same and we will promptly forward them subject to payment of the copying charge.

RAYMOND M. POCINO                    Otherwise, we would be pleased to advise you once we have received Mr. Vaira's

EDWARD M. SMITH                          indexed and published volumes and then make arrangements for you to have access to

WILLIAM H. QUINN                          the same.

                 0                                                   With kind regards, I am



General Counsel

                                                                                                                                                     Fraternally yours,



General Counsel




HEADQUARTERS:                             cc: Carl E. Booker, General Secretatry-Treasurer

,905-16th Street, NW                         cc: Great Lakes Regional Office

Washington, D.C.                                cc: Robert D. Luskin, GEB Attorney

20006-1765                                         cc: W. Douglas Gow, Inspector General

(202) 737-8320                                  cc~: Peter F. Vaira, Independent Hearing Officer

Fax: (202) 737-2754


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